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"I am so glad that my vet referred me to Cathy when my 3 year old dog, Bean, had skin issues. Cathy provided us with a very caring and professional service as we worked to find the cause of Bean’s problem. Bean is always totally at ease with Cathy and she is always friendly and caring and is excellent at keeping me informed about Bean’s treatment and answering my many questions. With Cathy’s excellent input, I can now happily say that Bean’s skin conditions have healed and he is the picture of good health. I can never thank Cathy enough for her time and professionalism at what was a very worrying time for me.


I continue to keep in regular contact with Cathy and she is always on hand to advise me when required. An absolutely 1st class service. Highly recommended."

Sue Musk, Arlesey, Bedfordshire.

"Thank you for looking after my GSD (and me) so well when she developed atopic dermatitis. Through testing and diagnosis to getting her the right treatments which reduced her itching and made her so much happier, your care and kindness and clear explanations made a worrying time much easier, someone to rely on. Thanks again."

Margaret (& Annie)

"Over the last eight years Cathy has advised me on the best treatment for my cat, which has severe allergies. This has helped keep him stable and prolonged the quality of his life.

I trust Cathy completely and value her professionalism and knowledge.  She is accessible and caring. This together with her ability to explain everything clearly always puts my mind at rest."

Wendy Stevens

"Benson (our Golden Retriever) used to suffer badly from itchy skin leading to painful and unsightly rashes from his constant scratching. Since Benson has been under your care, the itching and rashes have disappeared and he’s been a lot happier, a nice content dog."


Margaret & Jon Hugill 

"I first met Cathy when my dog, Ruby, was suffering with allergies and was totally miserable and uncomfortable. We’d been dealing with Ruby’s allergy symptoms, with our vet's help, for a number of years but not really making any headway. It was our vet who finally suggested we meet Cathy and I’m so glad we did. Cathy is knowledgeable, clear and thorough in her explanations. She is systematic in her approach to identifying the cause of allergies and stays with the client every step of the way (identifying the cause of allergies can take time and requires some dedication from the owner, so Cathy's ongoing support is essential).  I am very pleased to say that, thanks to Cathy, we now have Ruby’s allergies under control. Treatment is ongoing but now requires minimal input and is very manageable. Ruby was constantly chewing and scratching (to the point of making herself bleed), she was unable to settle or rest properly and was totally miserable. She is now the carefree and happy dog that we always wanted her to be. 

Ordinarily the story would stop here. However, Ruby has also been unfortunate enough to experience a twisted spleen and serious medical complications as a result. Things looked extremely bleak for a while. Despite being totally unrelated to the treatment Cathy provides for Ruby, Cathy has been there for me and Ruby throughout, providing support and advice and just asking how things are going. Cathy has always been at the end of the phone or an email (and I know it must have been inconvenient at times) and for me, the value of this kind of care, dedication and support has been immeasurable." 



“Cathy has provided long term care and support for our dog, who has lupus, for several years now.  We have received a fantastic service that regularly exceeds our expectations.  Cathy is extremely knowledgeable. She is very clear with explaining her intervention and ensuring we understand our dog’s treatment regime and things we need to monitor.   We have been very fortunate to have Cathy caring for a member of our family, and we would highly recommend her services.“


Helen Brown, owner of Manny the Siberian Husky

"We got Luca as a solid black German shepherd puppy at 10 weeks old with a good pedigree and from a good line of dogs. He seemed to be constantly scratching and itching, so much so that he began to lose fur and have sores on his skin.  We saw the local vet who suggested a number of different strategies including baths, special shampoos, changes to his diet, flea treatment and other strategies to manage or stop the constant scratching and biting at areas that were clearly causing him some discomfort. Nothing seemed to work to any real degree of difference. Having failed to diagnose and treat Luca with general strategies the vet referred us to Cathy who, the vet explained, was a specialist in veterinary dermatology. 

From our first dealings with Cathy she was very professional in her approach whilst at the same time being friendly and putting us at ease. She clearly explained the testing procedures that Luca would need to determine, if possible, what was wrong and how best he could be treated. Following a thorough physical examination Luca then received what I can only describe as a thorough testing regime to determine what condition or conditions he had. After around 2 months Luca was diagnosed with environmental allergies (atopic dermatitis) and 

Cathy explained in clear language the results of the tests and the prognosis which was that Luca should receive immunotherapy injections every month to control the condition. Luca was about 6 Months old at the time. He is now 4 years old and I can say that the treatment he receives changed his life and ours. Although he still may scratch and itch more so than “normal” dogs, especially in the summer months, it has significantly reduced from pre-diagnosis of his condition and he no longer suffers from skin sores, scabs (from constant scratching), bald patches and constant irritation.

Cathy is always contactable and regularly reviews his condition to check there are no significant changes and that Luca is still doing well with the treatment and medication he receives. He is a fantastic looking animal who’s life has frankly been transformed by the treatment he has received as a result of his diagnosis."


Jenny Foster



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